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Refund Policy

Payment Terms and Conditions:

HIFLY GROUP established in 2007 successfully serving different sectors such as recruitments, interiors and construction, travel tourism, IT specialist services started with HIFLY JOBS to cater to rising recruitment needs of startups, corporations and different organizations for different Talent Acquisition and recruitments to contribute in Organization’s growth.   

Hifly Jobs, New Delhi offers services for purchase on the App . By selecting and purchasing an Application purchase, the subscriber agrees to the payment terms that may apply, which are disclosed at the point of purchase, and the payment terms are mentioned herein by reference.

HIFLY JOBS services can be purchased through App and payments can be made with following methods ("Payment Method") making a purchase through a third-party platform such as App Store or Google Play Store ("Third Party Store"). As soon as someone makes a Application Purchase, they authorize HIFLY JOBS  to charge their chosen Payment Method. If HIFLY JOBS cannot receive payment through the selected Payment Method, the customer agrees to pay all sums due upon demand by HIFLY JOBS.

The subscription is not canceled when an account is deleted, or an application is deleted from a device. The subscriber will be notified of any changes to the pricing of the selected services to which they have subscribed and given the opportunity to cancel. If HIFLY JOBS  changes these prices and the customer does not cancel their subscription, they will be charged at HIFLY JOBS  then-current subscription pricing.



Canceling Your Subscriptions ( NON REFUNDABLE SUBSCRIPTION)

If someone has purchased a subscription through a Third Party Store, such as the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, they will need to access their account with that Third Party Store and follow instructions to change or cancel their subscription. If a subscriber chooses to cancel their subscription, they may continue to use the paid services until the end of the period they last paid for, but (i) the subscriber will not (except as outlined in the subsection entitled “Refunds” below) be eligible for a prorated refund, (iii) they will then no longer be able to use the Premium Services or In-App Purchases enabled by their subscription.

Refunds Policy

All charges for purchases are nonrefundable including partial use.


Taxes are not included in payments collected via In-App payments for the product or service. Taxes and GST will apply in addition to any service charges associated with the Premium Services provided under these terms. If HIFLY JOBS determines that it is legally obliged to collect a Sales Tax or GST from the subscriber, the Sales Tax or GST will be collected in addition to the required payments.

All Premium Services, or payments for Premium Services, made under these Terms may be subject to Sales Tax or GST in any jurisdiction. The subscriber is liable for paying such Sales Tax or GST and any related penalties or interest to the relevant tax authority. The term "Sales Tax or GST" herein refers to any sales, use tax or GST, or any other tax measured by sales proceeds that functions like a sales tax or GST where the taxing jurisdiction otherwise does not impose any of the above.||